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New: AnxietySTOP Watch App

AnxietySTOP Watch on the iPad AnxietySTOP Watch on the iPhone/iPod

Over 160,000 anxiety sufferers have used Anxiety StopWatch to date and now it's available to every sufferer through the iTunes app store.

Watch, do and benefit... it's that simple!

Available on the App Store

For the iPhone - iPad - iPod

Learn how to deactivate anxiety - for life

Anxiety StopWatch will show you how you can quickly regain control of stress and anxiety in minutes

We have created an app for you to STOP high anxiety and panic right. It's fast, it's simple and most importantly, it works. Carry it around in your pocket and use it whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

  Charles Linden. Director. TLM

"Love your new apps Charles... it's like you're with me in my pocket!" Liz Margin

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AnxietySTOP Watch

AnxietySTOP Watch

Charles Linden's stress, anxiety and panic 'First Aid' App in your pocket

With Anxiety StopWatch, you have Charles' 25 years of experience as a panic sufferer and 16 years as a panic healer right there in your pocket when you need it.

This simple device will help you to switch off anxiety and panic before it starts to develop. Charles leads you through the simple process that people of all ages can use to deactivate fear.


"Anxiety StopWatch works, it's that simple! It stops the anxious cycle in the brain and best of all, you can carry it around in your pocket."
Rachel Green. Australia

AnxietySTOP Watch on the iPad AnxietySTOP Watch on the iPhone/iPod Available on the App Store

Stop stress and anxiety using a proven technique that can't fail...

... just turn it on and follow Charles' instructions, it's that simple.